Beauty of the Light, surround my life…. -Sri Aurobindo

Soulscapes is inspired from an exploration of the spirit inherent in every object, uncovering the inner aspect of beauty that is the true face of every form. Our attempt is to bring out the deeper aspect of symbols that are the building blocks of manifestation. Much of the work is the result of a deep study of ancient sacred geometry principles, wisdom of ancient Indian spiritual texts and spiritual masters.

The design philosophy behind the products at Soulscapes is based on beauty, universal ancient symbology, inspirational words of the Masters with an intention to manifest beauty and light in daily living.

Our range of products consists of digital wall art, home decor, accessories and paper products. The artworks and products are intended to promote calm and harmony in one’s environment

We would be happy if the energy of the work makes the world a little more beautiful, peaceful and harmonious.

We wish for you peace, light and a soulful life.