Art galleries cannot be brought into every home, but, if all the appointments of our life and furniture of our homes are things of taste and beauty, it is inevitable that the habits, thoughts and feelings of the people should be raised, ennobled, harmonized, made more sweet and dignified. ~ Sri Aurobindo

Welcome to our gallery of Mandalas, Yantra Energy Art, Lamps, Cushions, Meditation Mats and more.

Each Soulscapes product is conceived out of the vibration of pure love and positive intent. Our attempt through these many offerings is to align our inner and outer worlds to Beauty, Light and Joy. We wish that the energy of this work will make the world a little more harmonious, peaceful and beautiful.



Mandalas represent wholeness and are used in many forms, in many cultural and spiritual traditions, as symbols for healing, prayer and meditation. A mandala can help empower a space in your home or office. They offer a way to create sacred space in a simple and elegant fashion.



Yantras are symbolic representations of the energy patterns of a deity and are powerful ‘centering’ devices for harnessing the divine energies. The Yantra can be used as a meditation tool or placed in your surroundings to create a positive, harmonious atmosphere relating to the energy of the deity.


Cushion Covers

Add beauty and positive energy to your room with these original Mandala Art Cushion Cases


Mandala Lamps

A collection of lamps that light up a space and energise it with positive vibrations.


Meditation Mats

The mandala art on these mats has been chosen especially to bring peace and light and to aid your meditation practice.



Coasters and Tote bags with inspirational words and pictures.