Stay at the centre of the circle and let all things take their course – Tao Te Ching

Mandalas are universally known as scared circles. The word ‘mandala’ stems from the Sanskrit language, literally translating into a container of essence.  Mandalas represent wholeness and are used in many forms, in many cultural and spiritual traditions, as symbols for healing, prayer and meditation. They can provide powerful ways to unlock paths to inner wisdom, self-discovery, and the cosmos. Contemplation on them with intent can lead to a positive manifestation, harmony and inner peace.

The Mandalas here are created with intention and are based on principles of Sacred Geometry and ancient symbology. 

They can help create a sacred space with them in your home and workspace and allow their energy to aid you in your inner growth and the manifestation of your intent. They work a kind of natural feng shui in rooms where they are hung, their radiant presence shifting the vibration of the environment. Mandalas offer a way to create sacred space in a simple and elegant fashion.

Browse through the collections and find the pattern that resonates with you. 

Each mandala is a printed on premium canvas using Giclee Archival technology that makes it long lasting and vibrant. They are stretched on a wooden frame and are ready to hang. A card explaining the intention and meaning behind the work accompanies each mandala.

Each print is custom made and custom sizes are available on request. Visit the shop section to order a print