By the form, the Formless is brought close. – Sri Aurobindo

A Yantra is a geometric design acting as a highly efficient tool for contemplation, concentration and meditation. Yantras carry spiritual significance, and point the user to higher levels of consciousness.

Yantras are symbolic representations of the energy patterns of a deity and are powerful ‘centering’ devices for harnessing the divine energies. The Yantras are focused on a specific deity and so by tuning into the different Yantras one can tap into the energy of that deity and the force the deity represents.

The Yantra can be used as a meditation tool or placed in your surroundings to create a positive, harmonious atmosphere relating to the energy of the deity.

Each yantra is a printed on premium canvas using Giclee Archival technology that makes it long lasting and vibrant. A card explaining the intention and meaning behind the work accompanies each yantra.

Each print is custom made and custom sizes are available on request. Visit the shop section to order a print