Beauty of the Light, surround my life….
Sri Aurobindo

Hello. Welcome to Soulscapes. Am Vivechana, an artist, designer and publishing consultant and founder of Soulscapes. My interest in mandalas developed in 2007 on an inner impulse and have been on this wonderful journey of discovery ever since.

My artworks are based on sacred art forms and geometry have been sold and exhibited in Mumbai, Portugal, Switzerland and Brazil. Have  a  keen interest in sacred symbology, sacred geometry and have delved into ancient art, philosophy and systems to reveal and understand universal principals and truths. These are the guiding principles for all the offerings of Soulscapes consisting of sacred mandala art, lifestyle products, self-exploration workshops and book publishing.

My professional career includes working as a Creative Director for one of India’s largest printing press, heading AuroPublications – the publications division of Sri Aurobindo Society and setting up a high-end multi-functional store which offered aesthetic handcrafted lifestyle products, a travel desk, cafe and event cum gallery space for the Auroservice Trust.