A writer can do nothing for men more necessary, satisfying, than just simply to reveal to them the infinite possibilities of their own souls.

Walt Whitman

Our intention is to support authentic, inspirational and meaningful content in the areas of integral yoga, holistic education, self-development, alternative healing, holistic health, art and culture.

The publishing services include end to end solutions for authors from manuscript to printed book. This includes mentoring and facilitating the process for authors through all aspects of publishing.

Our end-to-end publishing services include –

  • Mentoring (creative flow, structure)
  • Writing (copy editing, proofreading)
  • Design (Book Design, Layout, Illustrations)
  • Printing (Ebook, Printed copies) 
To know more do write to me at [email protected]. Will be happy to connect and take you through the process.

New Release

About the book 

The book guides you through a journey:

  • To be present within all parts of your body, thoughts, emotions, energy and sensations.
  • To be neutral and not get entangled.
  • To connect to qualities of vastness and calmness that exist on its own above mind, depth of heart, below feet & vast surround.
  • To wait with natural breath and sound vibration till healing and transformation unfolds on its own.

The heart of this book is an inner practice that is explored over 28 short notes, over 135 pages. The illustrations and texts when explored together, enhances the experience and insights.

Ebook and Print copy available on Amazon India