The intent behind the experiential workshops on Mandalas and Sacred Geometry is to connect to the “centre” within – of peace, harmony and joy. Through hands-on explorations and constructions, one delves within to discover one’s unique patterns and beliefs. This inner journey connects one with the true self within which is the reservoir of beauty, light, knowledge and strength and has the power that can create and transform one’s own reality.


Mandala Workshops

Hands-on experiential workshops in Mandala Arts and Crafts. Working with Mandalas can help one connect to that center within, to discover one’s unique patterns and beliefs, to find one’s inner place of power and strength, thus enabling one to reclaim one’s true self.


Sacred Geometry Workshops

Through the study and practice of Geometry we discover the inherent proportion, balance, and harmony that exists in any situation and ground ourselves in the experience of self-awareness.