An introductory presentation and talk on the symbolism and significance of Mandalas and Sacred Geometry principles.

Duration – 90 mins

Mandalas are known as “sacred circles,” represent “wholeness” and can be seen as a model for the organizational structure of life itself. A presentation on the significance of the Mandala and its presence in different cultures across the world as an universal symbol of integration, harmony and transformation. Exploring deeper, we see how a personal Mandala could be one of the keys that unlocks the mysteries of the soul’s architecture.

Sacred Geometry is an ancient science that explores and explains the energy patterns that create and unify all things and reveals the precise way that the energy of Creation organizes itself. Through Sacred Geometry we can discover the inherent proportion, balance and harmony that exists in any situation, and how the practice of it can help establish a feeling of oneness within oneself, with nature and all aspects of life.

Suitable for anyone who would be interested in self-exploration. Also for the ones who would like to delve deeper into spiritual significance of sacred symbols.