Flower Angel Mandala of blessings, joy and abundance

On a trip to the Auroville Botanical Gardens*, we entered a santuary of orchids and discovered these angels dancing in the wind.

DSC_0735-angel-flower DSC_0734-attachment to the divine DSC_0733

The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram has given the spiritual meaning of “Attachment to the Divine” to the orchid species and looking at these angelic beings with their arms spread wide, one could not have found a better way to represent that meaning. The angels are messengers of the Divine and attached to Him very closely.

The flower angels symbolise nature’s bounty and abundance which She shares so generously along with its beauty and grace. The arms are spread out showering blessings and they dance in the winds joyfully with their skirts swirling.

The mandala was created after removing the background and creating a hyberbolic pattern with the image. Below is the mandala without the background.

For the final image background, the message and snow were added.

Could experience the angelic blessings pour down as this mandala was finished and would wish that its magic works miracles in your life too.

* Auroville Botanical Gardens is a sprawling 50 acres landscape that celebrates the beauty and diversity of nature and has over 5000 species of plants and trees in Auroville, India. Visit for more.